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Legislative Update 7.26.17

Lawmakers approved SB1, an overhaul to the current funding system, in May but used a parliamentary procedure to hold the bill indefinitely.

The reason, according to President Cullerton, was to give the governor time "to reconsider his veto threat" of SB1. It's more likely the bill was held to put more pressure on Rauner to sign the bill.

Rauner held a series of press events last week demanding lawmakers send him SB1 so he can amendatory veto this bill.

Rauner's education secretary stated the governor supports 90% of SB 1 but takes issue with a provision in the formula that accounts for CPS's legacy pension costs in determining its "local ability to pay".

Money CPS has to allocate toward its pension bills is not money it can use to fund schools.

Rauner has also indicated he doesn't support another provision that takes into account the block grant CPS currently receives for its base funding. This was included in SB1 because an agreement was struck when crafting the bill that no school would receive less funding than levels approved in FY16.

The governor has given a myriad of other reasons he doesn't support the bill in it's current form and has refused to state publicly how he intends to change the bill with an amendatory veto.

President Cullerton made a commitment today to send SB1 to Rauner on Monday. The likely paths forward are:

1)  Lawmakers reject the governor's amendatory veto and override. This would require GOP support for the veto override in the House, which is an unlikely scenario as members are still feeling the affects of bucking the governor on the budget and tax increase in early July.

2)  The more likely scenario is the House and Senate call for an override, allow it to fail,  introduce a nearly identical amendment to the bill with a few tweaks to give GOP members cover to say "its not the same SB1" and hopefully pass with a veto-proof majority.

The Committee to Protect Illinois Families, Martin Walter, Treasurer
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